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Der Matratzenschoner

✓ Europe's first smart mattress
✓ Infinite AI Sense
✓ Silent Move IQ
✓ Deep Sleep Optimization
✓ Complete Control
✓ 10-Year Guarantee

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✓ Europe's first smart mattress
✓ Infinite AI Sense
✓ Silent Move IQ
✓ Deep Sleep Optimization
✓ Complete Control
✓ 10-Year Guarantee

100-Night Trial

Niemand sollte innerhalb von 10 Minuten entscheiden müssen, ob ein Matratzenschoner passt. Deshalb kannst Du einfach mal 100 Nächte darüber schlafen. Ganz in Ruhe, bei Dir zuhause.

Money back guarantee

Sollte der Emma Matratzenschoner doch nicht das Richtige für Dich sein, bekommst Du Dein Geld natürlich zurück. Ganz ohne versteckte Kosten.

Free delivery and pickup

Die Chancen stehen gut, dass der Emma Matratzenschoner Dein neuer Lieblingsmatratzenschoner wird. Sollte es doch nicht zu Dir passen, holen wir es kostenlos und ohne Diskussion wieder ab.

These features make the Emma Motion mattress so special:


Infinite AI Sense records your every position change and automatically adapts to it while you sleep.


Silent Move IQ adapts imperceptibly and silently to all your nocturnal movements to provide you with perfect support.


Diamond Degree allows heat dissipation, so you don't get too hot or sweat. You sleep longer and more deeply.

Emma Motion – layer by layer!

Diamond Degree Foam
The touch-sensitive graphite particles in this layer dissipate unnecessary heat from the mattress. This means you will never be too hot in bed again.

Effective Visco Elastic Foam
Relieves the correct pressure distribution and adapts perfectly to your body.

Infinite AI Sense
Notices when you change position and makes the mattress adjust accordingly.

HRX Foam
Two layers of HRX foam give you counter pressure and support for your back. The HRX foam layers allow the mattress to adapt to your body, so that you lie well from head to toe.

Silent Move IQ Layer
The two movement zones in the memory foam adjust the height to how you lie in your bed.

Smart Mattress in Action

No Two Bodies Are The Same. And Therefore No Need For Sleep.

These needs can even change several times during the night.
With that in mind, the Emma Motion smart mattress offers an extensive range of options in terms of comfort and support. The big difference is that it can make multiple adjustments based on your sleeping position. Straight away. Moreover, you can also make adjustments to the mattress yourself. This way you can set how you feel best on it.
When your body and needs change, Emma Motion changes with you. You can always fine-tune the settings for the perfect night's sleep.

Product Data

  • Material and quality

    3 different materials

    • Fabric top layer: 100% PES / 410gr/m2
    • Fabric sides: 100% PES / 395gr/m2
    • Fabric bottom layer: 87% PES 13% PP / 174gr/m2
  • Dimensions and specifications
    Mattress Height
    Mattress Weight
    90x200cm or 80x200cm
    Diamond Degree
    HRX Top Layer
    HRX Underlay
  • Delivery

    When you order an Emma Motion, you are ready. Within 3 to 6 working days of ordering, your Emma Motion is scheduled, delivered and installed at your home. Installation takes no more than 10 minutes and we make sure everything is ready for you to sleep in peace.

    Normally, our delivery partner does a full installation of the Emma Motion at your home.

    The 3 simple steps for setting up Emma Motion are also described in this user manual. It should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete the installation. If you have any questions, please contact our customer service.

    We are happy to help you with the step-by-step installation.

Emma Two


Our Emma Motion Promise

Made in Germany

The Emma Motion is being devlopped and produced in Germany. We test all used foams for their functionality and durability ton ensure we can offer you get the quality you deserve.

10-Year Guarantee

Your Emma mattress was made to last. And, we’re so sure of the quality of it, that we’re more than happy to give you a 10-year guarantee. If, in the unlikely event something goes wrong, just let us know and we’ll sort it out for you!

Free Delivery and Return

We deliver each Emma product for free and directly to your doorstep. We’re sure you’ll love them, but if for whatever reason you don’t, you can use our hassle-free returns portal to send any unwanted items back for free!

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